I’m starting to get really excited about France. The university came back from vacation today so I went ahead and e-mailed the secretary to let her know I need the contract in, um, eight days. I hope that won’t bother her. I tried to be really polite.

My dad did something unusual tonight. He went to the mall for one thing, and came back with two completely unrelated things, a new suitcase among them. He says it was on sale and that I can use it for France since the one I used last year is breaking. If this sounds normal to you then you don’t know how my dad shops. So now I have a nice new red suitcase that I’m pretty excited about. I’m starting to list things that I forget to take last year that I should have, like, well, all of my cute clothes. ALL OF THEM. I don’t know what I was thinking. And my movies. I bought a lot of movies this summer:

Brokeback Mountain
The Departed
Friends with Money
Mean Girls
Annie Hall
When Harry Met Sally
The American President (packaged with Dave)
A Prairie Home Companion
Little Women
About a Boy

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. And they were all $10 or under. I think I need a better movie wallet now.

My old computer–yeah, the one that doesn’t really work–went for $543 on ebay! Good lord. Am quite happy with that. In fact I was a bit shocked. That’s more than twice what I expected.

I’ve started looking for fellowships for grad school online, and it’s daunting, and I’m a bit lost.


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