Well, it looks like the visa stuff won’t be here on time. I finally got to talk to my future boss and now she is working on in dedicatedly but people aren’t answering her phone calls either. What a country. No, I kid. I’m really excited about going back. I like packing miscellaneous things. In my little suitcase (to keep the big one from going over 50lbs) I’ve put so far:

Bank papers
Europe by rail travel guide
Mac diploma (in case I need it, not really sure I will)
Computer speakers
My many awesome DVDs
Two books about French vs. American culture
My phonetics textbook
A French dictionary (better than the tiny one I took last year)

The other half-packed suitcase wasn’t quite as fun but it does have lots of interesting pockets I’m excited to use. Oh yeah, I’m not at work today, you may have guessed. I called France at 3 am, that was fun, then drove my dad to work at 8:30.

I did find out where I’ll be living. It’s the residence in the middle of this page, Résidence Charbonneaux.


3 thoughts on “doodleedoo

  1. laurel says:

    Wait, if the visa doesn’t come, does that mean you have to push your ticket back until it does? That sucks mightily.

    Doesn’t the name of that residence mean, like, “charcoaly”?

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