The only annoying thing about this wordpress theme…

is that if you don’t title your posts they get smooshed into less space.

Dad just went off to a homeowners assoc. meeting and Boris is very concerned. He seems uncertain that he will come back. I keep telling him not to worry but you know, he doesn’t have a language center in his brain. So it doesn’t really work.

The organization of my categories list in my sidebar remains entrenched in mystery. To my naive eyes, my code tells them to be in alphabetical order, organized under subcategories, but clearly I am unwise to their more knowing ways.

I spent most of today on the internet, and then, as promised, I made lists of things to pack, which turned out to really be more like lists of things already packed. I think the adaptor has gone off on its own private adventure so I’m going to have to get a new one this weekend. Hopefully they won’t make me buy Japanese and Africans one too, like last year, but probably they will. These inanimate objects are very organized in their orneriness (word?).


2 thoughts on “The only annoying thing about this wordpress theme…

  1. laurel says:

    This post is hilariously adorable. Is it creepy that I comment on nearly every single one of your posts? You can tell me if it is. I also ended up buying one adaptor for every continent when I tried to get a Europe one. They came in a fancy leather bag from Best Buy.

  2. No, not at all, I think you are my main readership and I find it reassuring. In fact I try to do similarly for you but you seem to have more to do with your time than I do…. Okay and my adaptors just came in regular plastic wrap. But they were from Radio Shack.

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