No original copies of my documents in the mail today. I guess I’ll be hedging my bets on Monday at the consulate with faxed and e-mailed copies. How nice things would be if it were possible to talk to people at the Houston consulate or if my employers had figured out that they should send my stuff by faster mail. The real problems here are that

1) I never really figured out what process to use as a lectrice at the Houston Consulate. There is no specific information on the website about us, and there is no way to contact with the Houston Consulate (I tried like 8 different ways) to find out. The Chicago consulate has something for us but it makes no sense at all based on how I was hired (which I think is the normal way that lecteurs are hired).
2) What we’re doing isn’t even really in line with the instructions on the HC website for a normal “work visa.” The website says that the immigration offices in France should send these documents directly to the consulate, so I don’t know why we’re doing it this way, and I don’t know if the Houston Consulate will care that we are. I feel like they shouldn’t, because the documents I have are both from the ANAEM and the DTEFP. So all bases should be covered…
3) IF they accept copies and not originals.

Basically I feel like I’m working on this in the dark. It’s hard to get excited about leaving when you aren’t ever sure that it’s going to happen. I’m a weird combination of really irritated about all this and kind of apathetic. I mean, who knows if I should be irritated or not? NO ONE WILL TELL ME. I hate this. I want it to be Monday NOW so that I know if I have to shell out $175 to change my ticket AGAIN, which I will not be happy about, since it would have cost only $40-ish to send this stuff by 2-day international mail.

Anyway, I should know by Monday at noon. I’m probably getting worked up for nothing. If all goes well, I’ll see my mom for the last time (till Xmas) tomorrow evening when she heads back to San Antonio.


One thought on “Hmf.

  1. laurel says:

    gah! If I were in your position, I would have entered full-fledged freak-out mode a long time ago. I’m impressed at your (apparent) composure. Sending get-your-act-together brain waves to the postal service and French people and whomever else needs them.

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