The Chicago Consulate updated their

little section on assistants and lecteurs and it looks a lot more familiar, so I’m much less worried about tomorrow. Mom went back to San Antonio for the week so if all goes well tomorrow, I’ve seen her for the last time till Christmas, which is not really so daunting. I hope to buy my ticket home for Xmas (from’s French site, it’s super cheap) as soon as I get paid in euros for September. Yeah, all this work I did in September. It consisted mostly of angst. Lots of angst. I felt like a teenager again. I went in for a massage and the woman said I was tense. I didn’t tell her the story. But then I suspect they always say that.

So I’m mostly packed. I went to Radio Shack for a new adaptor today, since the other one wandered off on its own adventure, and this new one is “universal.” Very useful for that hairdryer I bought in Japan. I kid. I had to walk through Dillard’s to get to Radio Shack so I ended up buying new underwear, which I think is a defendable (defensible?) purchase.

My mom and I went to the BV Embroiderers’ Guild’s 30th Anniversary lunch yesterday at the Kyle House. It was a very nice way to wrap up three and a half months spent in Texas (minus one in Colorado). I’d never been to the Kyle House but apparently people get married there and stuff. The food was really good. The embroidery was really cool. The people were fun to talk to. I gained a set of plastic pearls. All around a good time. Then we went to the Bryan Library where I made copies and took out more travel books. It’s becoming an addiction. So I’ve been reading about Prague and Poland some more.

Well I’ll try to remember to update tomorrow when/if I get the visa. Oh and the TGV Est has a really convenient line running from CDG directly to Champagne-Ardenne TGV so I won’t have to deal with Paris. Huzzah!


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