Well I guess I'll do a pre-departure post…

I’m leaving tomorrow! I can’t believe it! The obligatory mix of nervousness and reluctance and excitement is hanging around as usual but this time I think the excitement is winning out. And I’m astonished by the powers of my new suitcase. Everything fits, and it’s still pretty light. I’m pretty sure it has managed to break free from the laws of physics or something. So! here’s the plan.

Tomorrow Dad and I are leaving around 9 (I will say goodbye to Boris) to drive to IAH, where I will check in, then hopefully we will eat lunch somewhere, in or out of the airport, then we will say goodbye (sad), then my plane will take off at 1:50. I’ll land in Dallas around an hour later, sit for two hours, and then my other plane will take off. I will sit on that plane for 9 hours and 30 minutes. Fun! I packed gorp. (My mom had the ingredients hidden in all sorts of clever places. The dark chocolate M&Ms were in the freezer. The chocolate-covered raisins were in a regular raisins tin. I’ve sworn Boris to secrecy. Don’t tell Dad.)

Then I’ll arrive at CDG at 9:40 Thursday morning. Weird. This next part is amazing–I’ll go down to the CDG TGV station, buy a new 12-25 card, and then sit and wait for my train, which will take THIRTY minutes to arrive at the Champagne-Ardenne TGV station. It’s like magic. And I mean, the magic is necessary to make up for Zandra not being there to meet me with an orange ribbon on her suitcase. Then my new boss will pick me up.

There may or may not be internet at the CROUS building, but it’s Reims, so there’s a wifi McDonalds down the street where I can e-mail my parents to tell them I’m alive. There also may or may not be bedding in the CROUS apartment. So I may have to buy some. Also I have to get a new SIM card for my phone. Wild times in general.

But right now I’m just eating lunch (homemade bread and homemade pesto) and Boris is sleeping on the little step to the backdoor, oh he’s awake now. I’m pretty much done packing so I’m trying not to be too contemplative of my summer. It was long! I don’t think I’ve spent this much time at home since the summer after my freshman year of college. Dad and I are going for barbeque tonight. I guess I don’t really need to miss things too much since I’ll be back for Christmas.


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