As yet no internet chez moi (not a surprise, it usually takes a week) but I have time to waste so I’m posting anyway. Things are fine here. I got here last Thursday and the plane and everything went according to plan. There was lots of stuff to do the minute I arrived but I was on my second wind so it was okay. The prof I work with had stuff left over from past lecteurs, so I immediately had a microwave and a toaster oven. I switched my bank account over to Reims from Bar le Duc which was pretty easy and then got insured. Saturday the prof + her husband took me to Cora to buyu tons of stuff and to FT to order internet/tv/telephone. I’m pretty excited about it. I added unlimited international calls, yay. That should all start working this weekend, but I set up the livebox and keep hoping that the correct lights will start blinking and the internet will kick in early.

Anyway so I went to Nancy Saturday night where M and JS met me (with flowers, that I left in Bar le Duc =() where we hung out with people at Cedric and Rebekka’s and then JS and I drove back to Bar le Duc. It was really weird to be back. I guess I thought this stuff ceased to exist over the summer. Nothing’s changed although Cedric says they cut the budget for assistants at the lycee so there are no assistants this year. Anyway JS drove me back Monday so he could drop off his CV at places on Tuesday and I finally watched Pulp Fiction, but in French. Then he left Tuesday and I started teaching (only the first-years so far). The kids seem really nice. I teach them again tomorrow and then I have a week off. Not sure what to do with myself. I went to the sous-prefecture for my cds appointment today and they’re not too backed up, I got one for the end of October, Halloween actually. Also there’s not too much paperwork for it, yay, and everything I need I already have.

So I have a little video I took of the studio but this computer doesn’t seem to have the bandwidth to upload it, or something, I don’t really know what that word means. So it’s stuck in upload-dom. Oo wait there it goes! all right here it is:

Video of the apartment

Edit: This may take a loooong time to load.

Hope it works. Apparently the university is an “espace wifi” so we’ll see if I can get on the internet there tomorrow before class. I swear I don’t ALWAYS think about internet. That’s all for now.


4 thoughts on “hokay

  1. laurel says:

    Man, how I remember those anxious days waiting for the Livebox’s stupid lights to blink the way they were supposed to. Except we had to wait like a month. I hope your wait is less. Pulp Fiction is such a great movie, you have to watch it in English. I really want to come visit you this summer.

  2. Eileen says:

    You should totally come visit. Yeah, I got a text msg yesterday saying my internet should work now, but it doesn’t. I thought I might as well call customer service so I did, but I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t know what he was talking about. Arg. So I’m going to FT today to ask what’s going on.

  3. Emily says:

    Ditto on the watching the flashing lights on my router for weeks on end, hoping for them to finally work… Your apartment looks surprisingly awesome for student quarters! The ones I saw in Lille were pretty horrifying. And your balcony makes me drool.

  4. Yeah, I think I lucked out in several areas. The studios are usually reserved for 2nd and 3rd year masters students but they’re also more expensive, meaning fewer people ask for them, which is why they’re happy giving me one. That’s what I’m told. THe balcony is quite nice since it gives me a huge window, but you can’t actually go out on it, it’s barred off, I guess it must not be maintained.

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