1) I went to a French doctor today and had no trouble getting her to write me a French prescription. There was no stripping, only the taking of blood pressure and weight. And of course I didn’t understand my weight because it was in kilos. But I think I’ve lost a little weight since I don’t eat very regularly here. Once I’m out and about I get hungry and then don’t feel like stopping to get anything.

2) My tv now works again. It stopped working for a few days so I finally called FT and reported it and by the time I was back from my doctor’s appointment it was working again. So yay I got to watch some Futurama in French.

3) I met some people tonight, two of the lecteurs at the fac des lettres.

Oh yeah, and apparently this residence has ping pong, a common room, and laundry. Knowing other people has really opened up my world.


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