It's been a weird four weeks…

As of tomorrow I’ll have been here four weeks. Somehow even though I’ve been a bit bored the time has gone really fast. I really love my job, moreso than I even expected, and I’m excited about haranguing my students with pronunciation exercises next week. Last year I never felt I had the authority for it but this year it’s part of my job. We’ll see if I can make a dent on that infernal th.

On another note, my romantic life is more or less a mess which has me emotionally more or less a mess, but I’m trying to be level-headed about it and most of the time I’m succeeding, with only a few intermittent periods where I’m tempted to throw things. (I don’t like to talk about things like this on my blog but I think I’m going to break my rule for once.)

I’m slowly meeting people and getting things sorted out (like today I got an answer about the MGEN). I’m trying to think of ways to make the apartment just a bit homier.

I kind of wish all of these steps could go faster though. It gets a bit lonely especially with the above boyfriend problem going on. I’m reading Sophie’s Choice which is really great and absorbing but not much to read when you need cheering up. Although it could have the effect of making everything seem fine by comparison.

Anyway, I don’t really know what this post is about. It’s been such an odd four weeks of highs and lows I think I maybe just wanted to list them out there, to share them with the friends that read this since none of you happen to be here to share them directly.


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