I'm sick of coming up with a title every time

and as you can see they haven’t been very good lately.

I taught today, it was nice, I think the students didn’t necessarily like it as much as usual because it was hard, it was listening practice, and it was southern accents. So maybe it was discouraging. But I think they still need to do it. Two of the three accents were very mild, or, mild enough that the students probably didn’t really notice them. Then I had them watch a short video from Slate.com about how to learn the American accent.

Anywho that’s about all that happened today, and about all that will happen tomorrow, but with different lessons. My grad school applications are pretty much done except for touching up the personal statement and paying the fees.


One thought on “I'm sick of coming up with a title every time

  1. laurel says:

    Hey, you called me today! At least, I think that would explain the long string of numbers in my Missed Calls list. I’m sorry I missed it, I went hiking today with some friends (it’s “fall break”). I think tomorrow afternoon my time (before 6) might work … try emailing first to see if I’m around. Thanks for trying! Oh yeah, I will have your PS back to you by the end of the day tomorrow. Sorry for the hold-up.

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