I had a nice evening with Ms. A. G. of Jersey, formerly Southampton. We met at the statue on the Place d’Erlon, then went to a bar maybe forty meters away. We watched people and explained why they could not, from their appearance, be English or American. It was great fun, I’ve never included anyone else in my personal game before. On my walk home a man walked past me and said “Wow, vous êtes très bonne madame,” at which point I did my normal programmed brush-off, and then I realized, yeah, I AM. And I’m glad you had the courtesy to say vous when you told me as much. Right on.

In normal news, I had a good day of teaching, torturing students with TH practice and making them say words like “thistle,” “slithering,” and — worst of all — “sleuths.” Yeah, I said it.

Mañana voy a ir a Bar le Duc para visitar Marion.

(Was that correct?)


3 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Emily says:

    Another fun prononciation torture: the long e vs short i (“ee” vs “ih”). Most French people can’t hear the difference between “beach” and “bitch” and therefore hesitate to talk about their vacations. Another random fact learned at the hands of French middle schoolers.

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