Or I guess it’s €€€. I got paid today. And I arranged to do a few extra hours this fall with some different students. And I was offered a translation job. I’m not sure how much to charge. I’ve done some internet research and I think I’m going with 5 cents a word because that seems to be on the low end. Still that makes for an awful lot of money on a big project. I think for once in my adult life I can actually feel financially stable.


3 thoughts on “$$$

  1. laurel says:

    That’s awesome! I put signs up around my school when I was in France advertising proofreading and English help and made a lot of cash that way. Actually I got so many responses I had to start turning people away.

    Does 5¢ a word mean you have to count the words by hand? English words or French words?

  2. Hmmmm okay… maybe I’ll up the price. I haven’t told them anything yet. I’m torn because it’s the first time and they’ve said they’ll help with the technical stuff (so I won’t have to buy a special dictionary or anything), but it still sounds fairly scientific. Also he said it’s “assez urgent” so it could be pretty time-consuming.

    Yeah I don’t have to count the words myself, they already have a count for me. And it’s a lot. It seems like I might be pretty busy soon, which is good because I think the bf is scooting off down to the south.

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