I got my

recepisse (or however you spell it) today. It was one of those weird French interactions where the fonctionnaire became nicer and nicer the longer I was sitting there, with absolutely no connection to anything I said. Has anyone else noticed this? Like when you arrive at a French person’s house (when you’ve been invited) and it takes them maybe ten minutes to warm up?

Yesterday I got my lungs scanned, you know, where they make you take off your shirt and everything (last year they let me keep it on). But it wasn’t really that weird. The tech was on the other side of the room looking at a screen. So, yay, now I have another extraneous set of lung x-rays. But it was nicely just in time for my appointment at the sous-prefecture today.

I’m going to Bar le Duc again this afternoon. Oh yeah and I bought some boots.

So for the translation I suggested 8 cents/word to the school and they said no problem and now they have to get approval from the university, or something. But I might get to do more than one, which would be a fantastic source of income if I enjoy doing it.


What do you think?

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