Um so

I taught the continuing education students today and it dawned on me that I have to prepare an exam for them at the end. So I have to actually teach them something that lodges in their brains. In ten lessons. I think I’m going to focus on telephone English and business letter English and pronunciation of certain sounds (h, th, maybe something else). And I think I’ll make them write resumes in English.

Okay I just got sidetracked into lesson planning. Focus, Eileen, focus. Things here are kind of up and down. M might be coming Friday or Saturday to visit. I invited her but now I feel as though I don’t have much to offer in the way of things to do. If it’s Friday we’ll be okay, there’s a concert I’d like to go to, but Saturday Reims appears to be pretty dead (except for a sold-out concert). Movies are only 4 euros this week though.


What do you think?

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