Freaking residence.

Okay so the vacation (that only applied to the admin people) is over, why aren’t the maintenance and office people back? The elevator hasn’t worked in two weeks, there’s a light out in the stairway, and now the washing machines are off. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE.


2 thoughts on “Freaking residence.

  1. Are you sure they’re aware that stuff is broken? Because that’s happened to me a ton of times, where I’ve seen French people bitch and bitch about stuff not being repaired, but not a single one of them has ever gone to INFORM anyone that the stuff is broken. So the people in charge have no idea anything is even wrong, and thus it takes forever to get fixed.

  2. Hmmm… I will perhaps investigate when I go in to pay my rent Monday. But there hasn’t been anyone there for a while. They did manage to fix the light in the stairwell though.

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