Sometimes I really miss Nancy.

Which is odd considering that I never actually LIVED there. I just, well, what DID I do there? I think I drank a lot with Chelsey, and went to a lot of restaurants, and played Apples to Apples, and went to movies we didn’t get in Bar le Duc, and went to cafes on the Place Stan. Mostly the Opera cafe. But I really liked it!

Reims is not so bad. There’s a metal egg monument two blocks away from my apartment where they’re doing excavations because apparenlty they found some ruins while they were digging for the new tram system. And there’s a park right next to it. And then there’s the Place D’Erlon, with its weird fountain, and the carousel they just packed up, and those random English tourists. Also there’s that gigantic cathedral.

But I still miss Nancy.


What do you think?

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