Bored bored bored. That’s how I’d describe my life right now. (I might go a little further and add depressed, but today’s been fine, plus I’m drinking wine, so mostly I’m just bored.) Why is no one online to talk to me?! Why do you all you Americans have full-time jobs so you can’t answer the phone when I call you?! Why don’t the people I know here do more things?! (I wish I could describe that last frustration a little bit better, but the wine’s diminished my language skills.)

Also it’s actually cold now. I stepped outside this morning and it smelled like winter. I mean, I know 30 degrees isn’t really all that cold, but I don’t really think of France as a 30-degrees kind of place. I think of it as a place where the people put on their heavy coats mid-October when it’s still only 60 degrees out just because they don’t understand the concept of weather, beyond rain. Perhaps that’s unfair. But they really do do that.

I bought a sweater from Pimkie yesterday. This boredom/depression has led to lots of shopping/vanity. Anyway this WHITE sweater had this tiny pink tag on the side saying one of those hilarious semi-English advertising phrases (feel sweety! feel pimkie!) so it looked ridiculous, and I started to cut it off, and it tore out, and I had a hole in my fleece sweater, so I fixed it with nail polish. I might add that I had to wait several hours to buy nail polish since the pharmacies all closed for their two-hour lunches.

I don’t know why I’m ragging on the French tonight. The lady at the pharmacy who eventually sold me the nail polish was very nice. I think pharmacists are nicer in France, maybe because their jobs seem more vital. Not that pharmacists in the US aren’t important. I just have never really interacted with one.


2 thoughts on “Bored.

  1. laurel says:

    Isn’t Jessica a pharmacist? Maybe not yet. I guess I’ve never really interacted with a pharmacist either. I’m sorry I missed your call yesterday 😦 I wasn’t even in class either! For some reason I always fail to hear my phone when it’s on vibrate. So I’ve decided to try turning it off vibrate when it doesn’t need to be. Obviously yesterday I neglected to do so. And today I forgot the stupid thing at home so it doesn’t even matter.

    I’ve wanted a white fleecy sweater for a long time. Actually I have this hunch that there was one in the American Girl catalog a million years ago (kind of a puffy fuzzy one) and that sparked my longing. Embarrassing, but (possibly) true. I taught today and it was half interesting and half not. I guess that’s better than all of the latter. I always feel like I’ve kind of failed when I’m not entertaining for 50 minutes, but I guess that’s not my purpose. I should stop turning your comment box into my personal blog now. I hope things cheer up for you. It sucks that the French aren’t more social. Oh, and that it’s 30¬?. Which I have to object to your describing as “not that cold,” because seriously, wtf.

  2. I think Jessica will soon be a pharmacist. I think it takes 4 years. Maybe she already technically is one since she did an internship. I dunno.

    Every once in a while I have to remind myself that it doesn’t actually matter if the students like me, and then I relax.

    And don’t feel embarrassed about getting fashion inspiration from AG. I always wanted weird stuff like snowshoes because of those catalogues.

    Also socially this weekend is looking up.

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