I guess my whining the other day was premature

because since then I’ve been pretty busy. Thursday night I was all settled down to my evening routine of wasting time on the internet (including talking to Dad in Germany–I forgot that Germany is not this far-off place now that I’m in France–it’s actually the same time zone) when I got a call that the other lecteurs were going to a bar. We walked past the vegetable pyramid on the way. I can’t find anything online that explains this thing. It’s a large pyramid built of vegetables. Anyway then last night Doris and I went to a party with the Erasmus students that turned out to be the birthday party for one of my students. Afterward we went to a nightclub. Then last night we (three of us lecteurs–me, Doris, and S, the South African lecteur) threw a party downstairs in our common room. Doris and the other lecteur invited all the people they know but we’re pretty sure there were a number of random French people there. Possibly they live here but we certainly didn’t know them. I ended up being the ad hoc dj for a while since I had volunteered my computer for the music. I have lots of new random German and African music on here now. It didn’t really wind down till around 5. So I got up kind of late today and then went to mop the floor downstairs with the other two. I would bet it’s cleaner now than it’s been all year.

So I guess I can stop complaining about my social life now huh.

Tomorrow the teacher I work with has to drive all the way up here from the other end of town (by the school) to get me because our buses are going on strike. I think it’s only one day. The fac de lettres is blockaded (is that how you spell that?) so Doris and the others probably won’t work the first half of the week but I think my school’s so small and separate that it’ll be open. So far the strike hasn’t affected me that much (with the exception of not being able to go to R’s birthday, poo) but J says there are no trains running through Bar le Duc and it’s really empty there. I think I’m just lucky I don’t have anywhere to go right now.

Have I mentioned the Residence Cat? I’m a big fan of his. I can’t quite figure him out though. Actually I’m not even sure he’s a boy but he’s really big so I’m just going to call him a he. During the day he seems to hang out in the office (when it’s open) and at night I find him in random places (the stairwell for instance). The other night when I went out he was sitting at the entry to my building (inside) so I said hi, and then he was still there when I came back so I spent five minutes with him. He’s really the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. I’m always tempted to take him upstairs with me but I don’t really understand who he belongs to or where he, you know, poops. When we got back from the nightclub Friday night I’m pretty sure he was in his entry-way spot but I didn’t turn on the light to see because I knew I’d get waylaid.


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