My throat hurts and I want it to stop.

I finally missed my first two days of French work. At least I don’t have any hours for the rest of the week so as long as I’m better by Monday it’s no big deal.

Also hey, go check out Malavika’s tv blog from the Green Bay paper. It’s set up shop over in the links section.

And it’s been two weeks and three days so I’m going to post part of one of the best break-up songs ever (Ani DiFranco really writes some good ones):

Sleepwalking through the all-nite drugstore
Baptized in flourescent light
I found religion in the greeting card aisle
Now I know Hallmark was right
And every pop song on the radio
Is suddenly speaking to me
Yeah, art may imitate life
But life imitates t.v.
‘Cuz you’ve been gone exactly two weeks
Two weeks and three days
And let’s just say that things look different now
Different in so many ways

‘Cuz I used to be a superhero
No one could touch me
Not even myself
You are like a phone booth
I somehow stumbled into
And now look at me
I am just like everybody else

Oh, what the hell, while I’m at it, here’s the rest of the list:

Aimee Mann – Video
Atmosphere – F*@k You Lucy
Ani DiFranco – Reckoning
Ryan Adams – Hotel Chelsea Nights
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed
Whiskeytown – Everything I Do
Rachael Yamagata – Quiet
Pauline Croze – Je Ferai Sans
Ani DiFranco – So What (the worst one of all)

Anyway don’t get worried about me, I’m only listing them because I’m at the point where I can actually listen to them. I find those last two really interesting together though, if you download them and listen to them I think you’ll understand.


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