Tomorrow's my day off and I'm sooo

happy about it. This week is my first full week of work, since the third years have come back. For some reason I have a week free from them next week, and then I have two very busy weeks what with all of my regular students, the continuing ed students, and giving the continuing ed students an exam. Then I’ll be going home for Christmas! So next week I have to do all my Christmas shopping and lesson planning.

I’m watching the Lyon – Barcelona game right now and Barcelona is ahead. But still I don’t really understand soccer scores, and how it can finish in a tie but the score can still matter, etc. etc. Weird, League of Champions, you’re WEIRD.

Here’s a question about French… I haven’t really been able to figure out “allez op.” What does it actually mean (if anything)? Why do people say it so fast?

Note: While I was writing this Lyon scored. I know you care deeply. I just thought it would only be fair to set the record straight.


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