I might successfully get some laundry done today…

This may not seem that impressive but I tried valiantly to do laundry on Wednesday and failed through no fault of my own. I put my things in the laundry machine downstairs, soap and everything, including my sheets and towel. So I came back 40 minutes later and the machines were off. So I went and asked in the office. The maintenance guy came and showed me how he tried to flip the fuse switch and it did nothing, as though that was the end of the conversation and all that he could possibly do about it. He told the secretary to reimburse me my 3 euros. The thing is I didn’t really give a crap about the 3 euros, it was the fact that my laundry (sheets, towel, etc.) was sitting in a pool of soapy water. So I dragged it out, wrung it out, and then guess what got to carry it wet (HEAVY) up four flights of stairs because they haven’t yet fixed the elevator either. I think these people live under the illusion that everyone in this building is French and goes home every weekend so they don’t care what condition they live in here. So they don’t give a real crap about fixing things. (The laundry machines get switched off and stop working all the time, this is just the first time that it happened while my stuff is in there.) Unfortunately there’s about 30 Erasmus kids and then us other random fer’ners hanging about who don’t have extra sets of sheets and towels and mom and dad a half hour away.

End of rant. So far the laundry machine didn’t go out on me so fingers are crossed for the dryer now.

Not that this place is in bad condition, really. I mean my kitchen works and everything. But I certainly think the people downstairs could take their jobs more seriously. My room smells like mildew now because of all the laundry hanging everywhere not drying.

My job on the other hand is going well. I got the third-year students for the first time this week and they’re pretty friendly. More names to learn. SO many Paulines, Damiens, Juliens, Thibaults, and C?©c??le/C?©lines. Surprisingly, very few Marions.

So as soon as my laundry gets done drying (knock on wood) I’m going to go out and shop for some Christmas presents and whatnot. The sun looks like it’s maybe sort of peeking out today which is all the excuse I need.

Final complaint: Dad says I got a letter from UT asking me to prove that my current job is temporary so that they can classify me as a Texas resident. This means they want a letter from my employer certifying that my job is temporary. This irritates me: 1) because EVERY foreign job in France is temporary and it’s the bane of many people’s existence 2) because my employers, um, DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH. And I’m fairly certain the people at UT don’t speak French. So I think I’m going to copy my work contracts for the past two years and highlight the dates and let them figure out that since I was living in France, I was obviously not the resident of any other state in the US. And if that doesn’t work then well screw you Texas. I’ll just head north.

See, I got in some complaining about American administrators to make up for the complaining about the French ones.

And on a final positive note… it’s the weekend!


5 thoughts on “I might successfully get some laundry done today…

  1. laurel says:

    These people name their kids Thibault?? That’s so goofy. Isn’t there a character in Romeo & Juliet named that? I guess that’s Tybalt. I wonder if they’re cognate.

    The laundry machines at the place I lived last year were evil too. They’d frequently eat your quarters and not give you clean laundry in return. But I never had a problem with the dryers, so I didn’t have to deal with loads of wet clothes. That’s the worst. 😦

  2. Casseeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I really like hearing these stories about how France can be annoying. I already know how Japan can be annoying, and they’re so completely different. Sometimes I’m jealous of people working in Europe because of the different philosophy of life (it’s not about appearing busy all the freaking time), but one thing Japan does really well is service. That maintenance would have done everything within his power to fix the machine, even if it was clear to everyone there was no way to fix it. If he failed, he probably would have personally taken your clothes somewhere to be laundered.

  3. I’m happy to provide the stories, I’ll try to think of more… there are so many opportunities really…

    And yeah Thibault and Tybalt are cognate. In that way that the English appropriate and completely mispronounce French names and words (filet, for instance, and Jacques from As You Like It).

  4. Emily says:

    Oh, laundry. During my study abroad I managed to get my clothes locked in the washer for a whole weekend while my host family was away and couldn’t figure out how to get the stupid thing open or how to turn it back on. The other bane of my existence was the French oven. So many settings, and if you don’t set all 18 of the knobs in the correct position, it doesn’t turn on and you’re stuck with frozen pizza.

    Oh, and could you get the consulate in Texas to write you a note saying that it is, indeed, temporary? Georgia also refused to consider me an in-state student, but it ended up not mattering.

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