Oh, poo.

Today was sort of crummy for sort of not-so-big reasons. JS got online and talked to me and that’s fine in itself, we seem to be good as friends, but he made the mistake of telling me that there was a goodbye party for him in BlD yesterday that I wasn’t invited to (he thought I had been). Maybe that’s normal, in both the English and the French senses of the word. And I do live an hour and a half away. But like, everyone I knew was there. Sigh. This break-up has been SO much fun. At least JS seems to be about to successfully install himself in a new job in Bordeaux. I’m glad he’s doing well, he deserves it. But I don’t very well like feeling forgotten. I’m so tired of missing people, I feel like I’ve been doing it since June.

Sorry for the seriousness (and the run-ons). But I think sometimes one of my main flaws is that I pretend all the time to be doing really well. Anyway, I don’t work much this week so I should go get Christmas shopping done. I started writing the exam for the continuing education students today, because I was so bored. Sundays in France. One of these days I should go to a museum or something.


2 thoughts on “Oh, poo.

  1. Casseeeeeeeeeeee says:

    Wow, that sounds terrible. I can’t even imagine the state I’d be after something like that. I already have a weird inferiority complex in which I think everyone’s trying to avoid me. Also, you shouldn’t worry about writing about serious things. The people who read this want to know what’s actually going on with you, which includes the good and the bad. Plus, we can relate to you better if we know that you’re not always doing really well, because god knows I’m not.

  2. Thanks Cassie. This is something I’ve been a little worried about since in France, people tend to meet their s.o.s through friends, and when you break up… what happens? They probably just thought I wouldn’t want to be there. But it just compounds the disappointment of the past month or so.

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