title shmitle

Why is the iTunes store not loading right when I decide to sit down, be productive, and find a video for my 3rd years for next week? ARG, Apple. You have not been nice to me lately.

I just got an e-mail from the university (actually I get many, but usually they are incredibly boring and I ignore them) saying that they’re offering Spanish classes to employees starting in January on Thursday afternoons. This sounds fantastic. But the registration sheet confuses me. It wants to know all sorts of things like exactly what kind of employee I am, how many of my hours I’m doing, AND it wants my superior’s signature. I hope that doesn’t mean my superior has to want me to take Spanish classes, cuz really they serve no clear purpose. I just feel inferior with my two languages. Also am bored. I mean as in right this minute. I went Christmas shopping, e-mailed the teacher I work with, skimmed the awful offerings on French tv, and stared at the ceiling. I’m out of attractive options here.


3 thoughts on “title shmitle

  1. laurel says:

    I’m just amazed that your university over there actually sends emails. Take the Spanish classes! It would be a fun way to meet people. Say, I don’t know, that it would be helpful for your future foreign language teaching experience. Or something.

  2. Good point. Am not sure I’ll need to argue my case. But will keep that in mind.

    Oh yeah they send a ton of e-mails. Like one per day. They’re usually INCREDIBLY boring and about something hierarchy-related.

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