So, Reims has just been dead boring lately but I’ve decided to stop taking it personally. Hopefully I can keep to that resolution. It’s different from being bored in Bar le Duc where even if I was bored, I had the impression pretty much everyone else was, too, because it was Bar le Duc. Here I feel like things must be going on that I don’t know about, there must be crowds of vastly entertained people hanging around somewhere. I think I might be wrong on that count. Anyway I work a lot over the next two weeks so that should improve things. Also it’s been raining constantly, and not real rain where I feel cosy staying inside reading a book and pretending I have a fireplace. Just gray drizzle. So I get bored and go out and then get wet.

I think I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done. I should maybe have done some more work this week but I don’t have as much to get done as I thought.


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