Not much going on besides the teaching. I showed the students the part of 30 Rock today and they laughed. So did I. I love that show now. The I ate lunch at Mme M’s house and we talked about the students and the classes. It was informative.

I got a letter from the MGEN re: my état civil. They want a copy of my birth certificate, with a translation. I’m considering calling and explaining that I already sent them a copy of my birth certificate, why do they want another one, especially since it’s not going to tell them anything about my état civil, and since I’m not married, and I’m not getting married, I don’t see why I should have to prove to them that I’m single. Why do they make my life difficult?!


3 thoughts on “Weyell

  1. laurel says:

    That’s awesome. I always get kind of nervous when I show my classes video clips, for two reasons: (1) will it play and will there actually be sound?; and (2), once (1) is out of the way: will they actually think it’s funny? Luckily I always had success. I think pretty much any YouTube video is better than having to listen to a lecture.

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