So I got what I wanted

and was pretty busy this week. Wednesday all us lecteurs had pizza together and watched Norbit, which I have to say was funnier than I expected. Today we all went to Cora to buy stuff for the party we’re throwing tonight, and then I went to meet up with a French high schooler who wants to speak English with someone. And, obviously, there’s our party tonight.

I thought I had more to post but I don’t really. The second Elizabeth movie is here in VO so I think I’ll go see it tomorrow. Am also considering buying more Christmas presents. I know where I’m going to get our Christmas champagne now (Veuve Cliquot down by the school). I think I’ll do that this week. Actually I pretty much have to do that this week.

I finished The Human Stain.


2 thoughts on “So I got what I wanted

  1. Yeah, it’s Eddie Murphy playing both the husband and wife and an old Chinese dude.

    Do you remember the movie Elizabeth, with Cate Blanchett? And now there’s The Golden Age which is basically the next stage.

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