Xmas stuff

Well I got some ideas about Christmas gifts yesterday so today I went out and bought more. I’m really excited about them. I can’t say what they are of course because some (well, 2) of my gift recipients read this. Maybe I’ll take a picture of them all spread out on my floor and post it after Christmas.

The party last night was pretty different from our first one–far fewer people but more good conversation. I had a really good time. Today thanks to Linda I found a laverie about a block from the residence so I went there because, again, ours is en panne. But this time I don’t have to care because there IS a friendly (by which I mean empty) neighborhood laverie.

Also I contacted the Ys and they said I could definitely stay with them the night of the 23rd. So that’ll be nice.

So here are some pictures from last night (I finally took some):

Doris, Shillyboy, Me, Regis, Linda. I think I was trying to look sarcastic and instead I just look sad.

I made them do this, I can’t decide which picture is better.

Me, Doris, Linda

One last thing, I bought the new Pauline Croze cd. M told me about her, and she’s coming to Reims in April, and I really like her so far.


2 thoughts on “Xmas stuff

  1. Yeah I think it’s because I happen to be placed with a bunch of Africans this year whereas last year it was all English/Scottish/American. Although Doris and Linda are both half Hungarian.

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