I got an e-mail about the Spanish class I signed up for. Until the end of March it’s on Thursday evenings like they said but it switches to Mondays which I can’t do! I’m not sure what to do. I guess maybe I’ll go the first day and ask the instructor. BUT I did find the real e-mail address for the musical group and they said they’d be happy to have me, so I’m going to do that.

I want to wrap my Christmas gifts NOW but they’ll just get smooshed in my luggage.

You know what I hate? When Un Gars Une Fille is the same as the day before.

Also I went in to work early this morning which was interesting. I discovered some things. 1) the bus is empty at 7 am, awesome 2) the school does not open until 7:30 and there is an alarm system. It’s okay though, I didn’t set it off.

I can’t wait to get home on Monday!


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