Xmas gifts (don't watch the video Mom!!)

Hello, I have another video. Only, FAMILY MEMBERS can’t watch it until after Christmas, seriously, because it shows every Christmas present I bought. Also, the sound quality is bad because my mic wasn’t behaving. But it should be good enough to watch. Also half of it is visual. I hope it doesn’t take too long to load. I’m really excited about everything I’ve bought, obviously.


I hope that was comprehensible. My students today wanted to talk a lot about the U.S. so we did. I don’t know what I’ll have left to talk about when I can no longer give random opinions and explanations about my culture. I tried to explain the electoral college this morning. I think they got it. As much as anyone does really. So now I’m done teaching until January.

I proposed the idea of going to northern Italy in February (we have a one week break) to Linda and Doris tonight and they seemed up for it. So during the holiday I get to do research on cheap flights and hotels. Yay! I feel like I haven’t traveled at all this fall.

Oh yeah, I got my new carte de sejour today! I had to go pay for the 55-euro stamp, that wasn’t as much fun. But I’m so happy to have it before I leave the country. It’s a CDS visiteur – assistant lecteur which seems slightly weird, last year I think I was a travailleur temporaire but whatever. It’s good till Sep 19th.


What do you think?

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