Make your eyes twinkle.

Hello! Estoy en Tejas. Staying in Paris with the Y’s was really nice. Mrs. Y and I walked to the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps and walked up to the top to get a look at Paris. I took pictures on my cell phone but now that I’m in the U.S. the cell phone doesn’t really seem to want to let me look at them.

My flight home was uneventful. Actually it was really mortifyingly boring. The audio thing on my armrest didn’t work so I couldn’t watch tv. My entire family picked me up and then we went to dinner in Houston, and then we drove home, where I wrapped presents and then fell asleep. Christmas was pretty good. My brother gave me all three seasons of Arrested Development which is AWESOME and my parents gave me Our Dumb World. I want to copy some of the U.S. pages and put them on the walls of my classroom. I might do all the anglophone countries. Well not all. That’s an awful lot. The big ones.

My mom made lots of cookies and there’s lots of chocolate in general laying around. We have those little Dove chocolates with the weird messages on the inside. Here’s a sampling:

Test your own limits and keep growing.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
Flirting is mandatory.
Make your eyes twinkle.
Remember your first everything.
Be fearless.
Some people will wonder what you’ve been up to.
Remember your first everything.

Yeah. Wtf?

I drove the Prius this morning and that was pretty fun. I also installed Leopard on here.


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