NYU in Paris?

Turns out NYU (which I’ve already almost finished applying to) has a Masters in teaching French that has you study your first year in Paris. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t up on the website when I was looking for programs so I’m going to figure out if I can transfer my application over. That would be super exciting–I could be in France and grad school at the same time.

I have found some surprisingly fabulous things (clothes) to spend money on while in the U.S. I had been hoping to save my spending money for the soldes but it looks like everything I was hoping to buy I’ve just bought.

My parents have a meeting in St. Malo in July and a meeting in Spain (in or maybe just near the Pyrenees) and I think I’ll be able to meet up with them for both.


One thought on “NYU in Paris?

  1. Emily says:

    St. Malo is a fun little town. And it will probably be a lot nicer in July than it was in February, when I went with my study abroad program. For one thing, the stores won’t be closed (February was vacation month for the workers there), and you’ll also be able to go into the water without getting hypothermia. Also, if you haven’t been there already, it would be worth it to take a bus/rent a car to drive to Mont Saint Michel at the same time.

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