being lazy

in so many ways. I’ve been back in Reims since Wednesday. The flight was okay, I think I actually slept more than one hour, because the seat next to me was open. It was nice to arrive in Reims and just be able to crash in my own apartment (though I did have to lug my 46-pound suitcase up four flights) instead of running around doing administrative stuff. So I took a shower and a nap and called my parents since they left for St. Kitts the next day.

Apparently my great-uncle (my grandmother’s little brother) died that day. He was a pretty cool guy. Also he was the only person (other than telemarketers) ever to call me on my land line here since he and his wife were in Paris a few months ago.

I’ve been watching a lot of Arrested Development and lying around. I have managed to go out once a day though. Yesterday I caved in to my capitalist tendencies and bought the Clinique face wash that was introduced to me when my mom took me to the Clinique counter in 10th grade. Also I bought some baskets for my bathroom.

I pulled out my violin tonight and the E string was almost exactly still in tune. On the other hand, my metronome battery had died so I had no A. And the A in my head always turns out to be an A flat (wtf?). So I had to find a website with an A. I don’t really like playing in my room though because I know that people can hear me and I’m always afraid I’m bothering them.

I think I’ve decided my haircut was temporary and I’m going to grow it back out, either to the way it was or longer. So I should probably get it cut soon so that I can do that without growing a mullet. Also I think I need to buy a hairdryer with a diffuser.

My printer/scanner doesn’t work anymore because I installed Leopard. So I’m waiting for Lexmark to post a new driver. They’re such bastards. You’d think they could have seen this coming since Apple wasn’t exactly keeping Leopard’s release a secret. Also, they have posted a link to a new driver, but the link is empty. I thought they worked in computers? This is a bit annoying though because I planned on printing out some of my continuing ed students’ final assignments and scanning some stuff to send to my dad for grad school applications. All the machine is good for right now is making copies.

Yeah so this was pretty boring right? I think everyone else starts to get back to Reims tomorrow.

Update: Lexmark released a new driver and my printer/scanner works and I am soooo happy about it.


One thought on “being lazy

  1. laurel says:

    Haha, I’m glad this post had a happy ending. It was good seeing you this past week. I’m in Chicago and it’s cold. The conference is good, but it turns out I have to present more than I had anticipated and I’m kinda freaked out about it. I guess I should maybe go practice some more. Lame.

    Oh, also, it’s funny/weird finding online substitutes for normal everyday things, like your A. I don’t have a stopwatch to time my talk so I think I might try to find like a stopwatch website. And my friend Toni lost her cell phone once so she found an online alarm clock to wake her up in the morning. It didn’t work though 😦

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