Suggestions for an idle mind

So, Doris, Linda and I are planning some sort of Trip. At first we thought Italy but now I’m wondering if somewhere in France might be more practical (it’s a one-week holiday plus the three of us aren’t rolling in dough). So I’m soliciting suggestions. Things to keep in mind:

1) It’s February
2) I’ve already been to Normandy (and will go back in July with my parents), Strasbourg, Lorraine, Lille, Nice/Cannes/Monaco, and I think I did one of the castles of the Loire Valley. Though I suppose that’s hardly a complete job. Oh and Paris, though I haven’t yet made it to Versailles or the Louvre, or the Centre Pompidou, or the Jewish Museum. I know it’s hard to run out of things to do in Paris. Rambling now.

So I’m sort of thinking southwest (Biarritz is an awfully fun-sounding word) or the east (like Lyon, not like the “east” as in Lorraine which in my opinion is more sort of north). No decisions need to be made at all before Linda gets back on Thursday. But I’m open to anyone’s favorites… please send ideas.


5 thoughts on “Suggestions for an idle mind

  1. laurel says:

    It seems like Biarritz/beach towns don’t make the most sense for a February trip. I was talking to someone about Lyon the other day and he really liked it. What about like Grenoble? Or some little mountainy town near the Alps? My friend Toni did her assistantship in St. Marselin (sp?) where I guess some cheese comes from and is near Grenoble, or the Alps, or both. Anyway I think she liked it.

    The little comment tracker on the side of your page is nifty!

  2. Emily says:

    Off the top of my head… The only other places I’ve been is the Lyon/Dijon/Macon area, which is famous for vineyards (though of course Lyon and Dijon have tons of other stuff to do as well and lots of history). From there, you could head out to Annecy (mountains, skiing, picturesque) and even Geneva, although Switzerland can be super-expensive. But that area doesn’t really depend on the weather being warm to be enjoyable.

    Or you could just go back to Paris, which I will always recommend.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, and to second Laurel’s suggestion, I had a friend who studied in Grenoble and loved it, and since the winter olympics were held there once it’s probably a good place to in the winter.

  4. Hmm yeah, that’s a good idea. I’m a little worried those areas will already be overbooked though, since I’ve read there’s no point in going to the Swiss Alps in the winter if you haven’t reserved well ahead of time.

    I am leaning toward Lyon, though I’m not sure when the other girls will be able to make up their minds. I’m impatient!

    Oh and yes, I was very excited about successfully implementing the comment feed. Thanks for noticing. =)

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