Misc update

I bought a BEAUTIFUL leather coat today. I was looking for a coat for the weather we’re having now (40 degrees and gray) that looks slightly formal and I ran into this coat half off, but of course because it’s leather it wasn’t actually that cheap. Anyway it’s a perfect replacement for the Nine West coat that I bought second-hand in Dinkytown (what was that store called? everyday people?) and that I discontinued because it’s showing its age. Am way excited to wear the new one in Nancy this weekend. Did I mention I’m going to Nancy tomorrow till Sunday? I’m pretty excited. I’m going to stay with Laura, and we’re going to get fondue with Gavin (I think) tomorrow night. Then C (from last year) is having a birthday party that Swiss R invited me to so I will finally see all of the ex-Bar le Duc crowd again. It’s been since, well, you know when.

Tonight the orchestra I just joined is having a concert. We wear red and black, apparently, which actually looks pretty good, I think maybe it’s better than black/black. But I never wear red so I had to borrow a shirt from Doris.


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