This title field is really starting to bother me.

I started “range”-ing (as Laura says) all my teaching materials today from the whole year, including a few things I haven’t yet done and a few things Laura gave me. I’m putting it all into a binder with those clear sheets the French love so much. (Btw this 3″ binder is genius. The French have really got binders going on. It clips shut from something that protrudes from the rings. It’s got a fancy thing that snaps all the papers down. It snaps open with this weird hook-like mechanism. I’m really impressed.) I should have done this last year. At least I have it all on my computer. It seems a little bit futile since I won’t be teaching English anymore after this year but you never know. I think I’ll just hold onto it. Plus the binder is, like I said, freaking awesome.

I’m tired but happy to be busy. I bought a new school bag today from Etam. It’s gray. I feel a bit bad for giving in so whole-heartedly to this whole gray trend but I really like it. Hopefully sometime tomorrow or Thursday I will post pictures of bag, coat, and nonsensical shirt for interested parties.

Also, a boy asked me out by text message and I have to figure out how to say no. He’s not French but he’s not American either so I’m in open water here and not quite sure what the culturally correct thing to do is. Also it’s a freakin text message. I mean, I’m better at e-mail.

Also, as usual, there is a pair of shoes at Andre that I want. I tried on the left one in Nancy (the display was, for once, my size) and my left foot felt good and definitely overshadowed my right. I’ve wanted them for a while now and they did not get sold?©d, dangit. What’s more now they have made them in pink and white for the spring (the pair I’ve been eyeing is gray). I just can’t justify 59 euros!


2 thoughts on “This title field is really starting to bother me.

  1. Casseeeeeeee says:

    I don’t think there’s a gray trend going on here, but I did buy gray legwarmers yesterday. Shut up, they’re really to keep my legs warm during yoga. My only athletic pants reach just below my knee.

  2. Gray is definitely in here. Legwarmers might be also. But I think it’s more a wrist-warmer thing. There are lots of superlong gloves that I don’t really get.

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