So, I dunno, it pretty much seems to me that D doesn’t really want to go anywhere in February. The only real offer I’ve had is from JS to come see him in Bordeaux, and he said we could go to the Bassin d’Arcachon (see link below), which looks awesome and I’m kind of excited about. Anyway the first time he asked me I was like, no way, are you crazy? But since seeing him last weekend I’m pretty sure I’m completely over it and I actually think it would be fun to go down south. So I’m seriously considering it.

All of this waiting for people to commit has sort of pushed me into deciding early about the April vacation. The quandary there is that I have three whole weeks to fill and I am determined to fill them! I don’t want to waste any more time in Europe. So I’m considering Ireland and Poland. Easyjet is having a sale until Tuesday on flights in April, so flying to Krakow and back (from Paris that is) would be somewhere around 70 euros. Also flights to Ireland are pretty cheap right now. And I could always buy these tickets and then see if anyone else wants to come along. If they don’t, in Ireland at least I could take a bus tour. And then I could try traveling alone in Poland. I’ve never done it before but it could just be another good way to push me outside my comfort zone and make me stop caring what strangers think of me in public places.

Well I have some episodes of The Office (UK and US) to watch today in preparation for Tuesday so I should probably get on that. I have to decide what to make them do after we watch it. I think I’m going to show both of the first episodes, which are almost exactly alike, and see if they can pick out the differences. But I dunno if they’ll really care about that.


What do you think?

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