A Big Traveling Post

So I just spent a lot of money. On airline tickets! Yeah I kinda jumped the gun but I hate waiting and everything’s cheaper now. SO. Here’s what the month of April looks like for me:

Sunday April 6: Fly Transavia to Krakow
April 6-13 make my way up to Gdansk (am hoping to stop in Warsaw and also see Sopot)
Sunday April 13: Fly Centralwings from Gdansk to Dublin
April 13-24: wander around Ireland
Thursday April 24: Fly Air Lingus from Dublin to Paris
It arrives at 9 pm so I might ask the Y’s if I can spend another night with them.

I also joined CouchSurfing. So if no one wants to go to Poland with me (not really holding my breath on that one, but it’s possible) I’ll do some couchsurfing so I don’t have to hang out completely alone. And I planned the Ireland dates so that I can choose among a few tours if no one wants to come drive around randomly with me. Okay well that’s not really accurate. People who’ve traveled with me know that actually I’m maybe too organized. But I like the idea of rambling around Ireland in a left-side stick-shift (woo!) on the wrong side of the road. Doesn’t it sound like fun? Come with me!

Soooo. I can stop panicking about traveling now. I was pondering this February break (honestly it’s not all I think about, I swear) and the fact that it’s only a week long so really I don’t have to feel obliged to go a million miles away. If I went skiing with Laura (which would require a couple nights in Nancy I imagine) and to Paris with D and L for a day or two I think I would be satisfied. There are some things I want to do in Paris (Centre Pompidou, Jewish Museum, NOT buying shoes, any other uncommon suggestions?). And if JS comes through on the Bordeaux invitation all the better, I could spend two or three days down there. Or maybe someone will want to go to Lyon. I’m just gonna sort of wing this one.

Just to make this post comprehensive, the rest of the year looks like this:

May 14-28ish: Possible visit from and wandering with Laurel
Jun 10-12: Possible visit to see parents in the Spanish Pyrenees, but am not entirely sure it’s worth it for just two days, maybe my June 9 class will be canceled
June 13-15: Weekend at the Ys in Paris with Mom and Dad
June 30-July 7: St. Malo with Mom and Dad (although they will have Important Scientific Meetings to go to)
some time in July: a week in Morocco with Malavika and her friend Kim!

And after that it’s all up in the air, depending on where I get into grad school. But I’m paid here through August.


One thought on “A Big Traveling Post

  1. Emily says:

    I am so jealous of your vacation schedule. I’d offer to go to Poland with you, but I don’t think my school would appreciate me jetting off during finals week.

    As for uncommon Parisian destinations, here are some lesser-known museums: the Carnavalet (history of Paris), the Guimet (Asian art), the Picasso museum, the Rodin museum. Each of them is totally doable in an afternoon. There’s also a small Holocaust memorial on the Ile de la Cite that’s nice to see. I would suggest taking the line 1 metro out to the end – La Defense. It has crazy modern architecture, including a modern take on the Arc de Triomphe.

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