Cat out of bag

So most of you know by this point, but now that I can actually spread the news I thought I’d make sure–my dad has an offer from UTSA that he’ll probably take. Which would of course involve both parents finally living all the time in San Antonio. I think it’s pretty exciting.

I cannot decide what to do with my students this week. I was going to show them all the Office, but I’ve done that with two groups and the second time I was bored out of my mind. So I don’t think I can take doing it again. The first-years deserve a TV show I think but I’m uninspired (except like I said about It’s Always Sunny but it really is too vulgar =(). I don’t have to do anything for the second-years because they have their exam Monday (yay, it means I can work on that translation while I watch them toil away). And the third-years…?

Oh, I cracked and got a pair of skinny jeans. It took over two years but I did it. They’re dark blue and I plan on wearing them with long shirts. Also I can tuck them into my boots. Which are not black with those weird flaps, because I don’t like looking identical to every other girl in the city… seriously. They all look the same.


What do you think?

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