Maybe a bit more detail

Although I actually don’t have any. My dad e-mailed me yesterday because I had previously instructed him to open all of my mail. He had a letter of admittance from the Grad program at UT-Austin (not from the department yet). I didn’t expect to hear so early from anywhere. But their deadline was before Christmas so maybe it makes sense. Anywho I’m still waiting on NYU, McGill, and BU, although I probably won’t go to BU now that UT has let me in.

Brandon is saving my lazy, idea-less butt this week and sending me some Balderdash cards to do with my third-years on Wednesday. Clearly I need to own more board games. I want to buy French taboo before going home but the only version I see in stores is 50 euros and has some dumb purple doll involved. Wtf, Taboo?


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