Help with my pants

So, I bought this pair of jeans and the back pockets appear to not actually be pockets. Like those dress skirts and pants that sometimes have the pockets sewn shut when you buy them. Only this has never happened to me with jeans and I can’t tell where the correct seam to open would be, and I don’t want to rip them apart cuz I like them. And it’s hard to find jeans in France that actually fit. For serious. French girls have some skinny butts.

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One thought on “Help with my pants

  1. laurel says:

    Are you sure there are actually pockets in there? And not just faux-pockets? You don’t want to rip open a seam only to find it was just a seam and nothing more. I guess if it’s really a pocket you would be able to see the pocket itself on the inside of the pants.

    Anyway, I don’t know. I would take them to a tailor. I seem to remember there were a lot around. Or at least I assumed there had to be, because like EVERY pair of pants I tried on was WAY too long.

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