so far I bought CocoRosies La maison de mon rève and that pair of shoes I’ve been ogling since, well, the crush started in November.

It’s very sunny today. One nice thing about being on the 4th floor (that’s really the 5th) of a building is that the sun seems to stay out longer.

I managed to get up at 10:30 for the second time in a row this week even without anything planned. This is unusual for me but I like this pattern.

I think D and I are going to see The Kite Runner this evening which I’m excited about. All the good American movies are finally coming here. And since I have nothing else planned for this vacation, I think I’m going to go see a lot of them.

My speakers seem to be having problems. It’s sad. They go all crackly and stop working for about two seconds every once in a while. Also I dropped my iPod on the pavement this week so that bodes badly. Last time I did that (with my old iPod) it stopped working two weeks later. They’re tricksy bastards.


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