I LOVE shopping in France.

And I went again today. I meant to just go look for scarves but I ended up buying completely different (and very cheap!) things. So now I’m going to post some sort of crummy pictures of them.

This is a strappy metal headband from H&M. I also bought bobby pins there but I suppose you know what those look like.

These are the gray shoes I love and that demonstrated to me once and for all that I need to get my feet looked at. Sigh. They are so cute. If I ever drive anywhere in my life ever again instead of walking endlessly on cobblestone streets they will be super useful.

This thing is kind of hard to explain and looks much better on. It’s from Promod. It’s a skirt, with straps that go up over the shoulders. I love it. The straps are a TINY bit too big, I think I am meant to have bigger boobs. Well screw that. Here is a closer picture:

It was 10 euros!

This was also 10 euros!

It’s from Mexx, a store I go into all the time without buying anything because it’s right across the street from Andre (where the shoes are from).

Sorry for the erratic picture sizes. I don’t know how I made that skirt so tiny. I would fix it but my server is being way slow.

In other news, I still need someone to come to Tegan & Sara with me in Paris. This is an open call… the ticket is up for grabs. If you live in France and you like Tegan & Sara (or indie rock in general) let me know if you’re free on March 19!


3 thoughts on “I LOVE shopping in France.

  1. laurel says:

    Cute stuff! Your hair is also really cute … I understand the squishing phobia. I’m not sure I understand the skirt with straps though. Are you supposed to wear something under it?

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