Applying to NYU: Very much like living in France

Some of you may have picked up on the fact (or read on this very website) that I’ve been planning since June to apply to the Foreign Language Education masters program at NYU. Done and done. Around Christmastime I discovered their new Teaching French as a Foreign Language program with the first two semesters in Paris. Huzzah! Dream come true. So I wrote and asked how to handle changing this application situation, and the director told me what’s best is to finish off the FLE application (deadline Feb 1) and then write to transfer to applying to the TFFL program (deadline April 15, which is a whole other potential headache). So I finished off my online application to FLE.

Now it has come time to get off my butt and send off the transfer request. The FLE program lets you apply online. The TFFL does not. Hence transfer confusion. I have e-mailed both the program director (again) and graduate admissions with questions about how to do this but had no answer. So I called today. I got transfered around a few times and finally found a woman who seemed to have a clue. The conversation went something like this:

Admissions Woman: Graduate Admissions.
Me: Hi, I have some questions about the new Teaching French program.
AW: [silence]
Me: I’ve been shuffled around a few times trying to figure out who to ask these.
AW: You should probably ask the director of the program, [Name].
Me: Yes I did that, and he said he didn’t know and would forward my e-mail to admissions, but that was about three weeks ago.
AW: Well, what are your questions?
Me: [Boring situation explanation] Can I apply to both programs?
AW (in what sounded like a ritual response): You can only apply to one program.
Me: Okay, so, my submitted application was online and the Teaching French program wants it in paper. What do I do?
AW: Hmm. What’s your social security number?
Me: [numbers]
AW: Ah, Eileen.
Me: Yep, that’s me.
AW: Well it looks like they’ve actually recently made a decision on your application, but I suppose that’s not available yet.
Me: …! [which is still basically silence]
AW: Hmmm. We can probably match your online application materials… no, why don’t you go ahead and submit a regular paper application, with the personal statement and resume. Write a letter requesting the transfer and then attach those materials, along with the new ones. If you’ve looked at the website you probably know…
Me: *affirmative sounds*
AW: [boring]
Me: Sounds great. Thanks a lot. You were really helpful.
*hang up*

I do this all the time. I have conversations where I just nod and think I have all the information I could possibly need and then I hang up and realize how many more things I should have asked. I thought it was a language problem and that I only did in French. Not so.
1) you really can’t tell me the decision?
2) if I get news of the decision before I’ve sent in my transfer request, does that mean I’ve already applied to one program and can’t apply to the other?
3) what is WITH this annoying April 15 deadline?

Okay I wouldn’t really have asked her that last question, because obviously that’s not her decision. Anyway once she realized I was informed and not going to be rude she was very helpful. But I am still very, very confused about all this. I’m just going to send off my transfer request this week and figure that they’ll give me leeway since it’s them who made this weird April 15 deadline decision. (I know they’re trying to be nice since it’s a new program. But it makes my life more complicated, especially since UT already accepted me.) I’m not even sure I want to know whether I’ve been accepted or not to this other program that I don’t really want to do. So I’m not going to think about it. I’ve printed everything off (although I am almost out of black ink so I had to print in dark blue…) and addressed the envelope, now I just need to borrow someone’s stapler.

Other news: Went to see Paris this evening. It was quite good. Want to watch again. Other movies, such as The Savages, have come out in France and I hope they come here. I want to see this Ch’tis movie too. And the Jack Black/Mos Def/Michel Gondry movie. Hopefully it’ll come here in English.

Tomorrow I have my toe appointment. I hope to just be referred to a podiatrist. I hope the doctor takes the problem seriously. Also tomorrow I should really get some work done. I have a translation to finish and a bunch of lessons to plan.


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