No absentee ballot for you!

Yeah, so I’m not voting. It’s a long story:

1) I was registered last in Minnesota where they do caucuses instead of primaries so I thought I couldn’t really vote. Then I found out that Democrats Abroad was organizing a way to vote online from abroad. Only, they send really confusing e-mails that don’t make it clear that you need to re-register/validate (still don’t completely understand it) in order to be registered to vote online. So, 2) I missed that deadline. I could have gone to Strasbourg on Feb 12 to vote, but 3) it would have cost 60 euros. Then I remembered that when I was home over xmas we got confirmation of my voter registration in Texas. I sent off for an absentee ballot. But 4) the French postal system is pretty unreliable, so I didn’t get the application in time. In fact, I got it exactly one day too late.

I’m sorry, Mrs. Clinton. All I did was add you to my facebook profile. I really did mean to vote for you.

The funny thing was that for a long time I was relieved that I was registered in Minnesota and didn’t have to decide. Then I decided, and screwed up all my chances to vote.

On a related note, the other night some people I was hanging out with started a discussion about the American election. This one (African) kid who, well, I don’t really like very much, clearly knew nothing about America, and pisses me off even in retrospect. His main points (which he liked to yell) were:
1) Obama’s not really black, he’s mixed.
2) It’s insane to think that Americans will elect a black president.
Add those two statements together and I think you get a person who understands nothing about racism in America.
1) Every black person in the U.S. is probably mixed to some degree. Knowing nothing about the most shameful parts of our history with slavery disqualifies you from then saying
2) that Americans won’t vote for a black person. Especially because they already have, in droves.
I hope he’s elected so we can prove this asshole wrong.
(Now if only Obama were a black woman…)
It still bothers me. I should really stop thinking about it.


One thought on “No absentee ballot for you!

  1. laurel says:

    We never got our absentee ballots in France either. What we ended up doing was going to the consulate and picking up like an all-purpose blank write-in ballot. I don’t know if that would work for you, because that was the presidential election and this is just a primary, and I also don’t know if you have a consulate in Reims. I also don’t know, obviously, if it even got counted. But maybe it’s worth a try?

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