Am a big dork for U.S. history

And I blame Coach Sanders. Anyway, this is interesting:

What Highschoolers Don’t Know

But isn’t it just Invisible Man without the “the”? (question 30, page 4 in case you don’t want to read through the whole thing like I did)

Also, I don’t recall learning about Job in high school. Or ever, really, and I went to an Episcopal school for 6 years.

This is also interesting…

Crying Wolf:
Why Did It Take So Long for a Far-Fetched Holocaust Memoir to Be Debunked?

…especially in view of that movie being out here right now. I wish they’d published this last week so I could’ve given it to my students for their discussion groups. Help me out here, Slate!


One thought on “Am a big dork for U.S. history

  1. laurel says:

    Yeah, the answer to that one (Invisible Man) is technically wrong since “The Invisible Man” is the HG Wells science fiction book. I don’t think I would have known the Job question due to my heathen upbringing.

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