Why are the lima beans so tiny?

Are they maybe not really lima beans?


4 thoughts on “Why are the lima beans so tiny?

  1. laurel says:

    Am I missing a reference here?

    Your new profile pic is so cute. Where was that cr?®me brul?©e that is making you so happy?

  2. Laurel says:

    If you haven’t seen it, the Wikitravel page on Reims (apparently pronounced “Rays”??? I don’t buy it) is pretty amusing, apparently written mostly by someone named Liam with a somewhat poor grasp of spelling and grammar.


    My favorite part are the “very absorbidant prices” at the Galleries Lafayette. I’m not even entirely sure what he means by that.

    Have you been to the march?© on Saturday mornings at the Place de la R?©publique? I look forward to excessive cheese consumption.

  3. I bet our friend Liam was going for exorbitant. But it took me ten minutes to come up with that word. He really screwed with my head with that creative spelling.

    Yeah, there is a march?© there, and I live two blocks away, but you know me, of course I haven’t ever gotten up and showered and out of here before noon on a Saturday unless forced. But we can check it out when you’re here. I think there are enough markets all over town that there’s one somewhere every day of the week though.

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