Good week

And man are they going fast now. I tortured my third years with [i]s and [I]s today and it was rough. I must say I am glad I don’t have to learn it myself. I want to do something with accents next week so I had to torture them first.

I got my orthotics and they feel good. My dream is to be able to wear heels in four weeks but we’ll see. The whole fitting process was pretty odd. I sat down in a little room and took off my shoes and socks. Then the doctor and the tech came in with the pre-heated orthotics, put them on the bottoms of my feet, wrapped my feet in plastic bags, and then put tubes into the bags to suck all the air out with a vacuum machine. It felt really weird but I was fascinated. Then I stood in place on a stand thing for three minutes. Afterward I sat around some more while they cut and pasted my orthotics in the other room. If you’re looking for a slightly out-of-the-ordinary Thursday afternoon experience, I recommend getting orthotics. Except that they cost 130 euros. BUT I suppose you can’t put a price on working feet.

I’m tempted to go shopping again. I want a long brown shirt. I told myself I was only going to spend money on the weekends this month. We’ll see if I can find anything cheap tomorrow. I LOVE my new boots and the orthotics do fit into them.

Yeah pretty much my interests these days are limited to:
1) shopping (clothes and shoes). or just watching what people wear. it makes riding the bus so much more interesting.
2) dorky language things

Yeah so, this whole leaving-the-country thing does not necessarily fit in too well with those. Though I suppose I could make do.


One thought on “Good week

  1. laurel says:

    You’re going to be so stylish and I’m going to show up looking like a ragamuffin. I give you permission to pretend you don’t know me.

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