There is a

beauuuutiful dress at Zara right now. But 1) it is only in extra small (but it’s a dress… so in theory I only have to be skinny on top) and 2) it is 100 euros. At least I think it is. I’m not too sure because when I looked at it I wasn’t even dreaming of buying it, but now I am. It is a very, very dreamy dress. So dreamy. And it would be perfect for a dress-needing occasion next month. BUT I just paid loads for my orthotics, and I’m going on holiday next month, and I should probably soon buy my plane tickets to Morocco in July. Plus I should not forget that there are many fees awaiting me at the end of the summer, such as quite possibly needing to buy a ticket back to the U.S.. ARG. Dress, why do you have to be so dreamy?


What do you think?

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