Ho hum

Nothing to do today, everything was closed for Easter Monday (makes NO SENSE) so I sat around making vacation plans. It was pretty exciting. I’ve booked all my hostels for Poland and messaged a few people on couchsurfing for Ireland. I feel all ready to go now. Of course I’m not though. Here is what I’m doing/thinking of doing:

Sunday April 6 Fly to Krakow
6-9 Krakow
9-11 Warsaw
11-13 Gdansk/Sopot
Sunday April 13th fly to Dublin
13-16 Dublin
16-18 Galway
18 Cliffs of Moher, maybe pass through Limerick
19-20 Killarney and the Ring of Kerry
21-22 Cork
23rd Fly Dublin-Paris
I haven’t decided if I’ll come home that night or ask to crash at the Y’s. My flight gets in a bit late.

Woohoo! As soon as I get my April salary I should buy my ticket to Morocco, cuz it looks like those prices are starting to go up. Mala and I are thinking of meeting up in Madrid, taking the train down to the coast, then taking the ferry into Morocco.

Yesterday I ate Easter lunch at my boss’s. I guess she’s my boss. She’s the teacher I work with. It was really nice. She mentioned that it would be nice to have my parents for dinner when they’re in France so I told my parents. I think they would have a lot in common as they are both world-traveled couples who teach.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind. There’s not really that much of the year left. This is my last week with the 3rd-years. Friday afternoon I watch them take a test. Next Friday morning I watch some of them take the TOIEC, which might actually be sort of interesting, at least the listening sections. Then there’s the Gala and the next morning I ship off on my three-week vacation. When I get back it’ll be two weeks till Laurel gets here for long-delayed shenanigans, including a trip to the Loire valley and probably Luxembourg, and seeing Explosions in the Sky in Paris. After she leaves it’ll be two weeks till I see my parents in Paris. Linda and I plan on throwing some sort of joint birthday party in there since her birthday is a week after mine. Then at the beginning of July I’ll meet my parents in St. Malo and then hurry off to Morocco. After that it is all still up in the air… I’ve probably summarized this all before. But it helps me to write it down again.


3 thoughts on “Ho hum

  1. laurel says:

    I just wrote some facebook messages to French friends. I’m so nervous about speaking French again! Gaaahhh. But anyway, there will be at least one person in Paris that I know. Haven’t asked about crashing with her the night of the 20th though. I’m not sure how to do that tactfully in another language, especially with someone I don’t know all that well. we’ll see.

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