Quick Krakow catch-up

Am in Krakow. Have been since Sunday, wasn’t lying below. It’s pretty weird being in a country where I know absolutely none of the language. I’ve learned to say thank you and that’s it. Oh, and yes and no. Yesterday I went to the salt mine at Wieliczka (I think I forgot a letter there, or added one, will fix it later) and bought one of those salt lamps that probably has a minimal connection with the mine itself. It’s very cool though. This morning I wandered around Krakow and went up the bell tower at the castle cathedral, which I have to say was pretty cool. I’ve seen a lot of bell towers and kind of thought it would be the same old thing. But this one was all wood, with steep stairs and doors and huge bells mixed in, so it felt more like a maze. It was pretty fun. I’m a big dork. I’ll post pictures later.

Oh I walked around the university this morning too. It reminds me a lot of Macalester. Except obviously bigger. Lots of orange buildings, and a huge lawn. My Spanish friend A did Erasmus there and I can imagine how you wouldn’t want to leave.

Haven’t had any vodka yet. This hostel is awesome though. I find the some of the posters for Auschwitz tours around town to be a bit odd. They’re right next to the posters for the salt mine, so they try to make them look about the same style, except obviously being excited about going to the salt mine for cheap is different from going to Auschwitz. I mean, exclamation points don’t really seem appropriate. Anyway I’m not going. My parents took me to Dachau when I was 14 and I think I got my fill. The weather here is great though for the moment. Very sunny. And it was supposed to snow in Paris yesterday.

Tomorrow I’m going to Warsaw.


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